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What are Shellac nails?

How can I look after my Shellac to make it last longer?

I get bored with the same colour for 2 weeks what can I do for a change?

Maintenance of Shellac

How to remove Shellac

How to choose a colour


What are Shellac nails?

Shellac nails are a cross between a normal polish and a gel polish it will remain flawless for at least 14 days as long as you take care and pay a little attention to them during that period.

We apply it like normal polish, a base coat, 2 coats of colour and a top coat and the polish cures under a uv lamp in between each layer, at the end a sticky residue is wiped off leaving your nails bone dry and your free to delve in your bag for your purse or keys knowing your polish wont smudge. 

Shellac polish is perfect for your toes especially if the weather is not great you can have your treatment and then put your socks and shoes straight on, no drying time.


How can I look after my Shellac to make it last longer?

We like to think Shellac is very durable with normal wear and tear but you still need to add a little protection yourself. 

When doing any washing up or tough jobs like cleaning, gardening, or anything that may be rough on your hands or using any harsh chemicals like bleach then you need to make sure you are wearing rubber gloves, this will prolong the life of your Shellac, it will prevent edges lifting and chipping.

We also would advise that you use a Solar or Cuticle oil twice a day especially last thing at night when it has all night to replace any lost moisture in your skin and nails, (a hand cream is not enough)  It is also very good for keeping the cuticles supple and flexible, keep it next to your bed and let it be the last thing you do before you do to sleep.

If you are going on holiday please avoid leaving your hands under water in a spa or swimming pool for long periods of time, also be careful when using sun tan oils insect repellents as many of these products contain solvent oils which cause major damage to the Shellac nail colour.

Some of the delicate Shellac colours can fade if they have been exposed to chlorinated water followed by excessive sun, because chlorine is a bleach and the sun intensifies the bleaching action, so please make sure you thoroughly dry your nails and hands after swimming and before sunbathing to minimize the colour fading.

I get bored with the same colour for 2 weeks what can I do for a change?

Some clients like to temporarily change the colour of their nails in between appointments by polishing another colour of normal nail polish over the top, you can also use a dotting tool to add dots or a brush to add some patterns with normal polish, these can be safely removed but please take care when removing to use a Acetone free remover and be careful not to flood the cuticle area with polish.

Maintenance of Shellac

Shellac is not a treatment that lasts for months and months, it needs regular treatments on fingers every 2-3 weeks depending on how well you look after it, on toes about every 6 weeks.  Shellac grows out with your nails so if you will start to notice a space appear in between the polish and your cuticle.

If you wish to have your nails Re Shellacked then please inform us when making your next appointment as we need to allow extra time as Shellac does not wipe off with normal nail varnish remover. We do not charge to remove your Shellac if we are Re Shellacking your nails, and we applied the Shellac we are removing.

If you do happen to have an accident and chip a nail then please resist the temptation to pick it as this will cause the damage to increase please ring us to see if a repair is possible.

Please note we do not charge to repair a damaged nail that we have polished if you contact us within 4 days.

If you are having your shellac removed and none reapplying we DO charge for this service

Picking or peeling your Shellac off will damage your nails, please follow the steps below for safe Shellac Removal 

How to remove Shellac

You will need

Strong rough nail file

Cotton pads

Tin foil


Orange stick

3 way buffer

Cuticle oil

Nail treatment such as OPI Nail Envy


1/ buff the shine from your polish

2/ soak cotton pad in acetone

3 /apply pad over your nail

4/ wrap tinfoil round to secure cotton pad

5/ leave 10 - 15 minutes

6/ slowly pull foil and pad off finger

7/ use an orange stick to remove any excess polish

Do one hand at a time!

Once you have repeated this step on both hands wash your hands use a hand or body scrub

8/ get a 3 way buffer and buff each nail back to a shine

(Should take 1 minute on each nail)

9/ apply a coat or 2 of nail treatment

10/ apply cuticle oil.

We do not soak the nails in an  bath this is over exposure and can make your nails weak and damaged.

How to choose a nail colour

Choosing a nail colour, how hard can it be?

One of the biggest questions we have in the salon is when clients are choose a nail colour, they simply don't know what to choose, this may seem like a big deal for some but for others adventurous enough to try colour, they can often be sat there for such a long time tooing and frowing between shaded of reds, pastels or just French.

So my advice to those who are unsure is based on a few factors

1/ What colour do you wear a lot of?

Look at your wardrobe do you buy lots of one particular colour? If your wardrobe is full of pink clothes your highly unlikely to be picking a green colour polish, if you wear a lot of black think about your accessories or maybe choose a colour to match a scarf or bag.

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